Tearing Resistance, High Tensile Strength

It's 3.5 times more durable than non-woven plastic mulch. BOUSOU SHEET woven cloth weed control plastic is very strong comparing with non-woven plastic mulch. Our product is high tensile strength upto 3.5 times comparing with top level of non-woven plastic mulch that they use generally. Besides, it also reduces weakness of strength when compares with cloth plastic in the same market. We weave our product elaborately line by line then it is thick and tough specially. Comparing with non-woven plastic mulch, it is very much stronger.

Efficiently draining water, no matter how much water

Efficiently draining water, no matter how much water Our product is lamination that it can drain the water especially. Although there is a lot of water-logged, but it can drain out efficiently. While plastic mulch is low drain, it cannot drain water and also makes water-logged easily.

1 minute after pouring the water on the sheet

our product : coated with special lamination

non-processed product : non-lamination

99.9% Highest Light Resistant

(BOUSOU SHEET) has ligh resistant property so, it can control plant photosynthesis. Our product is 99% effective in light protection comparing other mulching plastics, it does not affect the grass to be dead and there is no herbicide so, you can use it comfortably.

Construction Planning

  • Checking the construction site
  • Inspecting the surroundings, temperament condition, and
    soil conditions, then start planning the construction
  • Calculating the site’s capacity and tools for the construction
  • Checking the weather forecast and planning the
    construction date

(temperament condition)

  • The construction will be done easier in the dry weather
  • Avoiding the installation under to these weather
    circumstances; strong wind, rain, or snow, to prevent any
    accident that may occur


  • Adding moisture to the earth to soften the site’s ground
  • Other measures (countermeasures against land subsidence
    and spring water)
  • Mowing the grass to prepare the area of construction. In
    some circumstances, the using of herbicide beforehand
    might be neccessary


  • Transporting the plastic sheet to the construction site
  • Installing the plastic sheet according to plan
  • Starting the installation from the rough surface then
    continue on the more even surface


  • Inspecting for any defections