Waterproofness, moisture proofness, and toughness enhanced by cloth

Laminated cloth is a product made by coating or attaching various resin films to cloth (fabric) made of flat yarn (polyolefin materials) so that it can have new functionality. This cloth is used in a wide range of applications, such as construction materials, agricultural materials, and packaging materials. Further, we produce laminated products which consist of the resin with a pigment or other additives to provide functions.

Thorough Quality Control by an Integrated Production System

We manufacture and procure cloth according to customer needs. Capable of lamination up to 2,700mm in width.

Standard Products

Easy-to-use small wound rolls of lightweight durable polyethylene sheets are available as standard products.


We offer sheets with special functions such as those with excellent weatherability and those that take natural landscape into consideration.

Colored Laminated Cloth

Coloring PE and PP resins according to customer needs can provide functionality.



Construction and agricultural materials

Base fabric for FIBCs

Finished Products

Capable of processing from sewing to welding by heat- sealing according to customer usage conditions. Various processes can be performed including application of grommets, insertion of ropes, application of fasteners, and printing according to customer requests.



Steel packaging material

Truck sheet

Cooler bag

Pallet cover

Various small bags