Japanese technology is concentrated into this one roll of sheet.

This cloth-type weed control sheet made from knitted fabric is well-known for its higher strength, comparing to other weed barrier sheets of non-woven filament type which widely used for civil engineering and construction. Our products boast about 3.5 times higher tensile strength, comparing to industry-leading weed barrier sheets of non-woven filament type. In addition, our products also have good strength equal to top share cloth-type products in the industry.


  • Weather resistance

    Blending in UV resistant agent for longer and stronger weed-proof effect.

  • Strength

    maintain outstanding tensile strength, which is measure for tear-proof.

  • Anti-friction

    support field works strongly, tear-proof even under frequently walking situations.

  • Light blocking effect

    inhibiting photosynthesis of plants with high light blocking effect of 99%.

3 benefits to use our weed barrier sheet

3 benefits to use our weed barrier sheet

  • Reduce frequency of mowing jobs

  • Reduce used amount of herbicide

  • Reduce used amount of agrochemical

Available places of our weed barrier sheet

It shall be available at various places since it may be used as a safe and secure weed-proof measure.

It may be available at various places such as around/inside vinyl houses, under electric fences, around waterways,
furrows of dry fields or gardens, set-asides, vacant lots, paths between fields, under pot-plants


CASE 01 /Orchard

It is used in orchards in Chiang Mai. Previously, there were weeds growing, which hampered the work, but nowadays these weeds don't grow up again, it makes more efficiency at work.

CASE 02 /Garden in the factory

Factory in Bangkok has been introduced our products. Previously, there were various weeds up offending the eye, making the scenery looks unattractive, but after using weed barrier sheet, all the weeds never grow up, which makes it possible to maintain the beauty of scenery.

CASE 03 /Botanical Garden

Certain private botanical garden in Changmai has been introduced our products. Before the introduction, they spent several hours per week to remove weeds. However, after introducing our weed barrier sheet, they have no need to spend time for removing weeds.


Agriculture Garden Gravel Only
Pathway Solar panel Permeability UV resistance Thickness
Weed Proofing Sheet Pro
Weed Proofing Sheet Jr.

Products Comparison Chart

Matai Brand Lifetime Weight (g/㎡) Material Width
Area (㎡) Weight by roll
Weed Proofing Sheet Pro 10 years* 230 PP
1 10 10 2.3
1 50 50 11.5
1.5 10 15 3.45
1.5 50 75 17.25
2 10 20 4.6
2 50 100 23
Weed Proofing Sheet Jr. 2-3 years* 106 PP
1 5 5 0.53
1 10 10 1.06
1 50 50 5.3
1 100 100 10.6
2 5 10 1.06
2 10 20 2.12
2 50 100 10.6
2 100 200 21.2

*Will vary depending on the used environment.
*Please be carefull with the weight of fabric. It will effect to lifetime year. If it is heavier and thicker, it can be used longer.



Does it allow water to pass through?

It does, but the Jr. model is faster than the Pro model. The Junior model is recommended for agricultural use.


Where can I buy your products?

Our products are available at the online shop at LAZADA and Shopee. Delivery to your desired address are available.


Do you offer a nation-wide delivery service?

Yes, we deliverour producs to every province in Thailand. We shall charge delivery fees separately. Please let us know your desired delivered address when you contact us.


May I order with a small lot?

Yes, you can order from 1 roll.


Is it true that the product lifetime is 10 years?

The weather resistant year is only a rough indication, not the guaranteed figure. (It may vary depending on environment of usage.) We show the weather resistant year as 10 years since the weather resistance effect can be maintained after over 2,000 hours by the weather resistance test.


Where are your products produced?

Pro is manufactured at the company's own factory in Thailand and Junior is manufactured at the OEM's factory in Vietnam.