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Pal Tech (ASIA) Co., Ltd. is a Thailand-based wholesaler of high quality packaging materials such as FIBC Jumbo Bag (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers), Fiber Drum & Paper Core, Carrier Tape, Laminated Products & Cloth. The company is a subsidiary company of Matai Group from Japan which has the largest market share for FIBCs in Japan, and also has 11 overseas production and h2-2 sales bases in South East Asia and China.

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Technological capabilities allow Nihon Matai to expand business overseas

We are extrusion business based company such as sheeting ,Laminating, laminate with paper or other film. Nihon Matai operates overseas production and sales bases at 11 locations in four countries including China and Southeast Asia. We have established a global production supply system using our technological capabilities cultivated over many years.

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